COVID-19 Infection Control

ECOH has been working around the clock to develop a COVID-19 response that can assist you in mitigating risk and exposure at your facilities. 

Property managers, owners, employers, and employees are concerned about virus exposure, especially where there have been confirmed, or presumptive cases of COVID-19.  To address these concerns, ECOH developed disinfecting protocols for environmental/cleaning contractors to follow that minimize risks of an immediate COVID-19 exposure hazard to the occupant, employee, or general public.  

ECOH is prepared to assist on multiple levels to address concerns. These levels of response include the following:

ECOH has developed disinfection procedures for facilities that may have been impacted by COVID-19. These procedures were developed in compliance with all applicable regulations/standards. Currently, ECOH is training licensed abatement contractors on these disinfection procedures, ensuring a consistent, and effective disinfection process at the facility.

ECOH will develop a site-specific scope of work for disinfection. Each facility will be different: different surfaces to be disinfected, different “hot spots” of concern, different types of chemicals/disinfectant for a variety of facility uses (food retail vs office vs manufacturing, etc.). ECOH’s Hygienists will determine the most appropriate disinfectant and arrange for trained contractors with the appropriate materials and equipment to undertake the disinfection.

ECOH uses approved sampling and testing methods to document and confirm the effectiveness of disinfection.

ECOH applies a risk assessment matrix, customized to your facility, that helps develop an on-going disinfection program for the facility. This will be most useful moving forward, particularly for essential businesses (i.e. Grocery retail, offices of essential service providers, health care facilities, high traffic public areas, etc.) where there will be continued risk of exposure.

In all instances, the disinfection procedures are supervised by credible, third-party, academically and professionally trained individuals.   ECOH’s team of Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH’s) and Registered Occupational Hygienist (ROH’s) have the experience, and credentials to unsure that the disinfection of your facility was carried out thoroughly and diligently following industry best practices and professionally developed procedures.  This will provide the ‘peace of mind’ for all stakeholders that the disinfection process was successful.

ECOH understands the urgency of a credible response, as you try to minimize the negative impact on your employees, clients, and general public.  As such, we have formed a COVID-19 Task Force, prepared to respond as soon as possible.  Whether it is developing a site-specific scope of work, bringing in one of our trained contractors, or providing testing services, ECOH can provide these services on a priority basis.

We are all in this together and the ECOH Team wants to work with you to help beat this virus and get Canada back to normalcy.

For more information, please contact: ECOH COVID-19 Task Force.

Dot design transparent

The ECOH DOT Program

Employees, tenants, and building occupants need to feel safe and comfortable in their work environment with the added assurance that protective measures are in place, that the workplace has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and that new ongoing disinfecting protocols have been established.

ECOH has developed the “ECOH DOT” Program: a systematic, site-specific approach to workplace cleaning through proper Design, Oversight and Testing.

View and download an outline of the ECOH DOT Program.

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