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All in a Day’s Work for the ECOH Environmental Team

September 15, 2021

ECOH’s Environmental Team was recently awarded a Surface Water and Sediment Sampling project, allowing our team to experience the great outdoors in southern Ontario. The life of an Environmental Scientist changes from day to day, including differing challenges and activities. As a Senior Project Manager who is leading the project, I thought you may be interested in learning more about what our Environmental Scientists can experience in a day’s work.

About the Project.
The Surface Water and Sediment sampling program was conducted in general accordance with the Canadian Standard Association (CSA) Z769-00 (R2018) – Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Standard and with Ontario Regulation (O. Reg.) 153/04 (as amended). A Site-specific work plan was created for this project, with an emphasis on acquiring analytical data from gaps identified during a review of the previously completed investigations during the preparation of the Proposal, and included safety precautions outlined within the Site-specific Health and Safety Plan, which identified potential hazards that would likely be encountered by ECOH Environmental Scientists and established health and safety procedures for the assessment activities.

Safety and Preparedness are Non-Negotiable.
As ECOH Environmental Scientists did not know what to expect on arrival, measures were taken to be prepared for any situation. For example, the Site representative was unaware of the depth of the ponds, if the ponds were accessible via watercraft or were more marsh-like in nature. As such, a measuring stick, hip waders, and watercraft were all procured to ensure a smooth day of sampling activities.

This project has had its share of challenges but ECOH’s Environmental Scientists had it covered. They used a telescopic sampler to gently move aside all the detritus in order to reach the underlying sediment. Proper safety precautions were implemented, including using cut-proof gloves, using the Buddy System, and carefully moving aside the built-up algae prior to collecting surface water.

Honourable Mention to ECOHites!
Fieldwork can be arduous in nature and oftentimes we are working in very hot or very cold conditions. So our hats are tipped to our Environmental Scientists who brave these sometimes challenging situations, as our work couldn’t be completed without your dedicated efforts – Gold Star! Special thanks to Ian Duncan, Almer Handrazfil, and Vanessa Taylor.

Join our Team.
ECOH prides itself on creating a work environment based on the values of respect, commitment, passion, and acknowledgment. As such, we strive to attract, develop, and reward those who are committed to our team and who share our passion through their contribution to the continued growth of ECOH and their professional careers.  Read the ECOH backstory here.

Rachael McKeown, H.B.Sc.
Senior Project Manager

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